Joe Maddon’s Wine Picks – Quick Summary

Joe Maddon, former bench coach of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and current Manager of the Tampa Bay Rays is apparently a huge wine lover. He was recently interviewed by the Tampa Tribune, where he outlined his wine recommendations.

If you’re not a baseball fan, you’ll probably prefer this shortened recommendation list:

Joseph Phelps Cabernet, for its strong, robust flavor.

Sea Smoke Pinot Noir, a Santa Barbara wine that makes the list because it’s more smokey and full-bodied than other Pinots.

Washington state’s Spring Valley Vineyards Frederick, Uriah, and Catherine wines are “spectacular”, and retail for around $50 a bottle.

Constant Diamond Mountain winery in Napa, makes the list as the most underrated on the list.

Silver Oak, especially the Alexander Valley Cab, and Dominus.

Great inexpensive, is the Ferrari-Carano Merlot, at $20 off-the-shelf.

Legaris Roble Ribera del Duero, a lighter wine from Spain.

Jeff Houck at the Tampa Tribune really did a great job with the full article.  I highly recommend reading it if you love baseball, and love wine.

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  1. Laura Mize says:

    Hi, Eric. Great blog! I remember you talking last summer about wanting to start a wine blog. Just wanted to let you know I’m reading and enjoying it. I got a message through your Care page that baby Armstrong is on the way today. Congratulations! Praying for you guys :)

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